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Welcome to the Past Support Sessions page of the Recovery Support Program! The Recovery Support Program is designed to help those who are struggling with disordered eating/eating disorders to better equip themselves with the support and tools that they need for recovery, no matter where they are in their journey. Whether you’re curious about eating disorder recovery, waiting to start treatment elsewhere, or looking for a little extra support to maintain recovery; Body Brave’s Recovery Support Program is here for you. 

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What’s the difference between a workshop and a recovery session? 

Finding the Right Support Session:

To help you find the best supports for your needs, support sessions in the Recovery Support Program are split into 4 categories:


  1. Finding & Maintaining Hope 

  2. Building a Recovery Toolbox 

  3. Dealing with Challenges & Triggers 

  4. Building a Meaningful Life 

Learn more about what kind of support sessions are included in each category and explore past sessions below! 


Starting eating disorder recovery can be the hardest part, and it’s even harder for us to try to just catapult ourselves into recovery without knowing anything about it.


This category focuses on sessions that can help plant a seed to get you thinking about what it might look like for you to work towards recovery. 

building a recovery toolbox

Just like anything worth doing recovery is not easy, but it is worth it.


This category focuses on sessions that will help you fill your eating disorder ‘recovery toolbox’ over time with therapeutic skills, increased knowledge surrounding your own mental health, familiarity with support options, understanding of your personal support network, and additional nutrition awareness.


The reality of eating disorder recovery is that it's not always easy. There are challenges that can make navigating recovery difficult.


This category focuses on exploring tools and skills that will help you navigate the hardest parts of recovery. Whether you’re navigating recovery for the first time, or you’re steering through life’s bigger challenges while working to maintain recovery, these sessions are designed to provide support as you handle the bumps in the recovery road.


When someone struggles with disordered eating it can take a toll on their sense of self. An important part of the recovery process is re-establishing that self-identity and learning about who you are without your eating disorder.


This category focuses on helping you envision moving forward and focusing on the future, how you can best work to live out the values you’ve learned through the recovery process, and bringing together all you’ve learned to create your own definition of strength and resilience.


1. Watch the session.

2. Work through the worksheet or slides (materials). Worksheets include further resources and reflections. 

3. Leave us feedback so we can improve future sessions.

Recovery Session

How Do I Start Recovery?

Starting can be the hardest part: where do I begin? how do I know if I'm doing this right? what do I do if I relapse? In this recovery session we still talk through what it means to start recovery, and how you can best approach starting recovery for yourself.

Recovery Session

Defining Recovery

For some recovery is a destination they are working towards, for others it's an on-going process. In this session we will explore some of the complexities of what recovery can look and feel like, and give you tools to reflect and define recovery for yourself.

Recovery Session

Recognizing the Eating Disorder Voice

In eating disorder (ED) treatment and recovery you might hear people talk about the ED’s “voice.” The "ED Voice" refers to the set of thoughts, beliefs or narratives you have that support the eating disorder. In this Recovery Session we will explore what it means to recognize, understand, and overcome your "ED Voice".

Recovery Session

Am I Sick Enough?

In this session we will explore the question so many of us ask ourselves about what we are experiencing when it comes to disordered eating: if it’s serious enough, if it’s worth telling someone. Our clinician and two lived experience panelists will talk what an unhealthy relationship with food or your body looks like and how we can recognize the difference within ourselves.

Recovery Session

How To Tell Someone You Have an Eating Disorder

Telling someone you know that you are struggling with disordered eating can be one of the most daunting and overwhelming parts of recovery. In this Recovery Session we will explore how we can best approach and prepare ourselves for telling others about our experiences.

Recovery Session

The Long and Winding Road of Recovery

Some folks talk about recovery as a destination, others talk about recovery as a journey they're always on. In this Recovery Session we will explore ideas of how you might define recovery, what it can mean to be "recovered", and everything in between!

Recovery Session

Self Compassion & Recovery

So many of us can offer understanding, empathy, and compassion to others, but struggle with extending those same things to ourselves. Practicing self-compassion can be really hard, but in this Recovery Session we will explore what self-compassion means and how we can start to incorporate it into our lives.

Finding & Maintaining Hope

Building a Recovery Toolbox

1. Watch the session.

2. Work through the worksheet or slides. Worksheets include further resources and reflections. 

3. Leave us feedback so we can improve future sessions.