Treatment and Support Services

We offer online, self-guided support programming, as well as group treatment services for ages 17+.  Body Brave's services are all free of charge or covered by OHIP. Our model of care is based on a ‘stepped care’ approach to recovery.   


A diagnosis is not required to access our services.  

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Recovery Support Program

Open to all Canadians, 17+

1. Register for Body Brave

2. Follow email link and create your Careteam Account

3. Complete the Recovery Journey Self Assessment

4. Follow the 9 items on your action plan

Body Brave members receive rapid access to low-barrier resources, information and supports. This is a self-guided option.


- Evidence-based self-reflection activities & resources 

- Self-monitoring tools

- Access to our support session database with over 35+ pre-recorded recovery sessions and workshops


This program is offered through the privacy protected Careteam online platform.

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No diagnosis required


Level 1



All activities included in the Recovery Support Program are self-guided and will not be monitored by the Body Brave team.


If you feel you require a higher level of care at Body Brave, please book a clinical intake appointment to access Body Brave treatment services. 


Please note, we are not an emergency service. If this is a medical emergency, please contact your nearest emergency department in your city.


Treatment Programs

Open to Ontario residents only, 17+

1. Register for Body Brave

2. Follow email link and create your Careteam Account

3. Book and complete a clinical intake appointment to find out which treatment programs may be right for you.

4. Enroll for recommended group programs


- 10 week treatment groups

- Drop-in treatment groups

- Self-guided recovery supports

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Level 2

Group Treatment Programs

No diagnosis required

Online Meeting