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Our Services

All of our services are virtual and free-of-charge or covered by OHIP. Our services are not a substitute for intensive outpatient or inpatient treatment. No diagnosis or referral is required.

Virtual Support Services

Available to anyone:

Age 14 +

Living in Canada

Self-Reflection Tools 

Reflect on your recovery by completing virtual check-ins through your Careteam account. Check-ins can be a great way to track changes in your recovery journey.

Peer Support Services

In collaboration with Eating Disorders Nova Scotia, clients have access to:

  • Peer Support Chat

  • Peer Support Groups

  • Individual Peer Support


*Youth (14+) specific peer support is available 

Support Session Videos

Support sessions are pre-recorded webinars centred around different topics of relevance to folks who are struggling with disordered eating and eating disorders.

Recovery Resources & More!

Access to a list of resources to support your recovery. Including resources for you and to share with healthcare providers and loved-ones & more!

Virtual Treatment Services

Available to anyone:

Age 17 +

Ontario Resident

Registered for Body Brave support services

Clinical Intake Call

This is a scheduled, introductory phone call with a Body Brave team member. We'll get to know your situation and offer suggestions on next steps, including Body Brave's group treatment options.


A clinical intake is required prior to accessing treatment services.

Closed Treatment Groups

Our closed groups are treatment groups that generally build on the content from previous weeks. Closed groups typically are 10-weeks in length. Registration closes following the third group session.

Learn More

Drop-in Treatment Groups

Our drop-in groups are a low-commitment way of attending groups. Enrolment for our weekly drop-in sessions are available on a first-come-first-served basis.

Learn More

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