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Virtual Support Services

Whether you are just getting curious about eating disorder/disordered eating recovery, waiting to start treatment elsewhere, or looking for a little extra support to maintain recovery; our Virtual Support Program is the first step to getting started at Body Brave. 

All Support Services are offered virtually and free-of-charge across Canada. 

Virtual Support Eligibility:

Before registering for our Recovery Support Program, please ensure that you meet the following:

Completed the Registration Form

Live in Canada

Aged 14+

What is the Recovery Support Program?

The Recovery Support Program provides virtual action plan 'tasks' for individuals seeking eating disorder/disordered eating recovery. The Recovery Support Program offers eating disorder information, self-guided resources, self-reflection & assessment tools, and more!

The Recovery Support Program is hosted on the award-winning Careteam platform.


"I learned so many new and life changing tools to use on my recovery journey and feel so proud of my progress since joining the support group. The inclusive and supportive approach made me feel understood and not alone in my recovery."

-Body Brave Client

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Getting Started at Body Brave

Step 1: Register

The first step to getting started is to fill out the registration form

Step 2: Access the Recovery Support Program

Once you have submitted the registration form, you will receive a unique sign-up link and passcode to make an account with our privacy-protected online platform, Careteam. Here you can access the Recovery Support Program.

Step 3: Explore

As you access the Recovery Support Program on the Careteam platform, feel free to explore the different resources and tools within the action plan!

Looking for more support?

Ontario residents, age 17+ can book an intake appointment to speak with a Body Brave team member. We'll get to know your situation and offer suggestions on next steps, including Body Brave's group treatment options. 

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What's included?

Support Session Videos

Support sessions are pre-recorded webinars centred around different topics of relevance to folks who are struggling with disordered eating and eating disorders.

Recovery Resources & More!

Access to a list of resources to support your recovery. Including resources for you and to share with healthcare providers and loved-ones & more!

Self-Reflection & Assessment Tools

Reflect on your recovery by completing virtual check-ins through your account. Check-ins can be a great way to track changes in your recovery journey. In addition to assessment tools that can guide you towards care and treatment options that are suitable for your needs at this current time.

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