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Navigating Services

We know that reaching out for help can be difficult but finding support shouldn't be. That's where we come in. We offer virtual, rapid support available to anyone aged 14+ across Canada. 

All treatment and support services are free-of-charge or covered by OHIP. 

Our Services

Our services are based on a Stepped-Care Model, meaning you can 'step-up' the intensity of services based on your needs.

2: Optional  (Ontario, aged 17+)

1: Included in registration

Virtual Support Services 

Once you register at Body Brave, the first thing you get access to is our Virtual Support Services. These services are hosted on the award-winning Careteam platform.


These services offer eating disorder information, self-guided resources, self-reflection & assessment tools, and more! 

This may be the only step to some folks recovery journey with Body Brave, or this might be the first step before adding our Virtual Treatment Services to your recovery plan.

Virtual Treatment Services 

If you are looking for more support, our Virtual Treatment Services are the next step. Our treatment services include intake calls, treatment groups, and individual appointments.

Treatment services are all accessed on our Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system, that is separate from our virtual support system. 

All services are available virtually through Zoom Healthcare and are free or covered by OHIP.

Professional Services & Education

Our education courses are designed to equip supporters with the tools to ensure that early intervention and quality support is accessible for all


Navigating Body Brave Support and Treatment

Based on our stepped-care approach, clients can step-up or step-down their level of care and support at any time. Clients can return to Body Brave when they are ready. It is recommended to re-book an intake after 1 year of inactivity.


The first step to accessing our services is to complete the registration form. Registering gives you immediate access to our Virtual Support Resources on Careteam.


Through your Careteam account, you can access our includes low-barrier services and supports, such as workbooks, check-ins, our recorded Support Sessions, and more!



If you want to join our treatment programs, the first step is to book an intake call. This 30-minute call helps us learn more about what you need at Body Brave and suggests the right services for you.


*Clients must book into programs using our eBooking Platform found in your Careteam account. Must be 17+ and residing in Ontario.

Following your intake call, clients can request enrolment to our virtual treatment groups! Clients can log-in and request enrolment through our ebooking platform or client portal. 


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