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Join the Recovery Support Program

Family Health Team Collaboration

Effective April 1st, 2024, the pilot project of the Recovery Support Program between Family Health Team and Body Brave has successfully concluded for Family Health Team clients. This innovative collaboration aimed to provide virtual support and foster a supportive environment for recovery.


Thank you for being part of this journey!


For questions or more information about the transition process, please reach out to us at:

Support group

What is the Recovery Support Program?

The RSP is a free, confidential, online platform that offers support for individuals aged 14 and older across various Family Health Teams in Ontario who are concerned about their body image, relationship with food and/or are engaging in behaviours that may be interfering with their health and happiness. With the RSP, you can access resources based on your unique needs, at your own time and pace.   


The program guides you through a set of steps to find the right level of support for your needs. Through the RSP, you can learn more about the issues you are facing, access your Family Health Team resources, participate in self-guided check-ins, watch pre-recorded support sessions, and connect with real people online (Engagement Champions and Virtual Peer Supporters).  The RSP can help you no matter where you are on your journey.  

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Getting Started

We help people recover from disordered eating & eating disorders.

Learn more about Body Brave's available services and Treatment Groups.

Learn more about Hamilton Family Health Team and their services.

Learn more about the Peer Support options included through Eating Disorders Nova Scotia.

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About this Project

Body Brave’s online Recovery Support Program (RSP) was developed in 2020. It provides access to a suite of self-guided resources that are available to clients after initial contact with Body Brave.  


The Recovery Support Program (RSP) is designed to be inclusive and supportive. Whether you suspect you might have an eating disorder, are experiencing disordered eating, or are simply beginning to explore resources for improving your connection with your body and food, the RSP is here for you. No formal diagnosis of an eating disorder is required to access and benefit from the valuable resources and support offered by the program. It's a welcoming space for everyone looking to enhance their well-being and relationship with themselves.

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