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Family Health Team Collaboration

Body Brave has collaborated with the Family Health Team network (Hamilton, Haldimand, and McMaster) to offer a catered online, self-guided program that follows a stepped-care approach called the Recovery Support Program (RSP for short). This program is suitable for individuals aged 14+ in all stages of their eating disorder/ disordered eating recovery. 

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What is the Recovery Support Program?

Whether you are just getting curious about eating disorder/disordered eating recovery, waiting to start treatment elsewhere, or looking for a little extra support to maintain recovery; the Recovery Support Program (RSP) is here for you. 
This program is designed to be self-guided. You can step up or step down your care at any time, at your own pace. The program gives you access to recommended next steps to get support. The RSP offers eating disorder information, specific Family Health Team resources, self-guided resources, self-reflection & assessment tools, direct online support from real people (Engagement Champions and Virtual Peer Supporters), and additionally, peer support services! The RSP can be a resource for you regardless of where you are on your journey.

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What's included?

Support Resources

Get rapid access to a variety of virtual, self-guided support tools, including a collection of on-demand support session videos and a wide variety of downloadable handouts to help support your recovery. 

Patients also have access to award-winning Peer Support Services which include individual and group Peer Support and live workshops & webinars.

Learn more about Peer Support >>

Self-Reflection & Assessment Tools

Reflect on your recovery by completing virtual check-ins through your account. Check-ins can be a great way to track changes in your recovery journey. In addition to assessment tools that can guide you towards care and treatment options that are suitable for your needs at this current time.

Live Help and Support 


Receive personalized support related to your recovery! An Engagement Champion (EC) provides virtual navigation aid to patients from the Family Health Team, assisting in resource navigation and re-direction. An EC will reach out to you directly! 

Learn more about the Engagement Champion >>

Patients will also have access to a Virtual Peer Supporter (VPS) at any time through online chat.

Learn more about the Virtual Peer Supporter >>

Treatment Services

Get access to Body Brave and Family Health Team treatment services, including exclusive in-person and virtual treatment groups reserved for Family Health Team patients.

View current Family Health Team groups >>

Getting Started

Getting Started

Step 1: Register

The first step to getting started is to fill out the registration form below.

Step 2: Access the RSP

Once you have submitted the registration form, you will receive a unique sign-up link and passcode to make an account with our privacy-protected online platform, Careteam. Here you can access the Recovery Support Program.

Step 3: Explore

As you access the Recovery Support Program on the Careteam platform, feel free to explore the different resources and tools within the action plan!


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We help people recover from disordered eating & eating disorders.

Learn more about Body Brave's available services and Treatment Groups.

Learn more about Hamilton Family Health Team and their services.

Learn more about the Peer Support options included through Eating Disorders Nova Scotia.

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About this Project

Body Brave’s online Recovery Support Program (RSP) was developed in 2020. It provides access to a suite of self-guided resources that are available to clients after initial contact with Body Brave.  


The RSP includes action plans, automated check-ins, assistance with system navigation, and a database of recorded webinars on a variety of subjects relevant to people struggling with disordered eating or eating disorders. Response to the RSP has been positive, with clients reporting that this rapid online support assists them with motivation to recover and steps to help them plan their recovery journey. Recently, Body Brave entered a collaborative relationship with Eating Disorders Nova Scotia, a charitable organization that has been offering peer support for people with eating disorders for many years. Peer support services are now being offered through the Recovery Support Program, which is hosted on the Careteam platform. This is proving to be a valuable addition for clients. Hamilton Family Health Team and Body Brave have collaborated together to extend the RSP to patients of the Family Health Team in Hamilton, Haldimand, and McMaster. 

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