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Healing for the holidays (6).png

Healing for the Holidays

Thank you to everyone who supported our 2023 fundraiser! With your generosity, we were able to exceed our goal and raise $30,850!!

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We have a few reasons why we give... 

What's your reason? 

why I give

Make a donation.

Make a donation before midnight on December 31st, 2023, to receive a 2023 tax receipt.


Your tax-deductible contribution

will help support our community,

so every body can recover from

their eating disorder.


Start your own fundraiser.

Start your own fundraiser to support Body Brave's work.


Raise $100 for someone struggling with an eating disorder... 

(that's only 4 people giving $25 each).

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Shop for a cause.

Visit our store to shop for a cause.


Give the gift of recovery while purchasing a gift for yourself or a loved one!

Send a dedicated

By donating through our website, you can dedicate your donation to a loved one and give the gift of a donation to Body Brave!

Send an eCard to let them know you

are sharing your support this

holiday season.

Way to gve

Our Impact.

"Body Brave is the only reason I am in recovery today. Body Brave was also the first place that I heard my eating disorder was not my fault. This gave me the self-compassion I needed to allow myself to heal. I can't thank Body Brave and their donors enough."

-Body Brave Client

Healing for the holidays (6).png

Monthly Donors Make The Biggest Impact On Our Community

$20 /


Helps to provide materials for weekly programs

$50 /


Keeps our online classroom running for one year

$200 /


 Covers one year of treatment groups for one person

$500 /


Covers treatment group costs for 20 people

Healing for the holidays (6).png

The impact of your one-time donation


Helps covers the cost of software necessary for our 10-week groups


Covers the cost of an intake session for someone in need 


 Covers the cost of two recovery support sessions


Provides funds for two expert-led recovery workshops


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