The Working Mind Features Sonia Kumar-Seguin

Source: Mental Health Commission of Canada, The Working Mind, 2019

Sonia co-founded Body Brave with her mother Dr. Karen Trollope. It was a response to Sonia’s difficulties navigating the healthcare system in search of support during an 8-year battle living with an eating disorder. “Karen and Sonia quickly discovered the immense barriers that exist for those navigating the healthcare system in search of help. Everything from stigma, long-waitlists, lack of healthcare provider support and training as well as a lack of eating disorder awareness or funding. The families of those who suffer are also often left in the dark, without coping tools or concrete information”

With a focus on lived experience, capacity building and training, community care, innovation and unique scaling—Body Brave is set apart from other eating disorder services because it puts the person with lived experience (the client) first. Little did Sonia know, that she would be accepted in the SPARK 2019 Cohort a few years later.