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Tierra Hohn, B. PAPM, MPH, RYT

Advisory Board Member

With a background in public health, public policy, and mental health, Tierra Hohn (B. PAPM, MPH, RYT) has set her focus on helping others. Tierra uses her personal experience with eating disorders to advocate, create awareness, and support others who continue to deal with these dreadful illnesses. In 2011, Tierra started an initiative known as Untouched Beauty. This initiative has allowed her to organize and facilitate workshops and discussions around body image and mental health, with the purpose of eliminating stigma and educating and empowering young people. In 2015, Tierra published her honours research thesis where she conducted a pilot study examining the impact of media literacy programs on the body image of adolescent girls.

Today, Tierra works in the field of healthcare and she is a yoga instructor specializing in Baptiste Power Yoga – simply because it makes her feel powerful.

Tierra joined Body Brave in 2019.

Tierra Hohn, B. PAPM, MPH, RYT
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