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Jeannine Smith, PMDip-Dietetics, RD

Program Evaluation Officer & Dietitian

Jeannine is a Registered Dietitian with the College of Dietitians of Ontario and the Support Program Lead at Body Brave. Prior to becoming a dietitian, Jeannine was employed as a professional fashion model. While Jeannine enjoyed many aspects of her modelling career, her professional success within the fashion industry was conditionally tied to the size of her body, and the only way she knew how to meet these requirements was through an eating disorder. Through this experience, Jeannine gained a new perspective on media influence and the dangers associated with public promotion of unrealistic body image ideals. Today, Jeannine practices from a weight-inclusive lens and is dedicated to helping others discover the freedom and love that accompany nurturing relationships with food and one’s body.

In her role at Body Brave, Jeannine is involved with the oversight of the Recovery Support Program and our collaborative efforts with Careteam Technologies. As someone with lived experience of an eating disorder, Jeannine deeply empathizes with the trials and tribulations that come along with seeking recovery from this illness and is passionate about developing accessible support services that she would have wanted for herself years ago.

Jeannine Smith, PMDip-Dietetics, RD
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