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Exploring the Experiences of Individuals Impacted by Eating Disorder Symptoms with a Virtual Support Program: A Canadian Qualitative Study

May 26, 2023

By: Mental Health Research Canada

Maria Nicula, a McMaster University student, will be collaborating with Body Brave to explore users' perspectives and firsthand encounters with a low-barrier, stepped care virtual eating disorder support program.

To meet the growing need of services as the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded, Body Brave partnered with Careteam Technologies to develop the Recovery Support Program (RSP). This PHIPA-compliant virtual service offers users a range of supportive modalities, including check-ins, self-guided support sessions, access to peer support services, and a wealth of resources promoting mental health literacy and guidance on accessing additional support tailored to their needs.

Through Maria's qualitative research study, we will gain invaluable insights into users' experiences and perspectives on the RSP. Using semi-structured qualitative interviews guided by the principles of qualitative description, Maria will delve deep into the lived realities of individuals navigating the program. Furthermore, she will collaborate closely with RSP users to gain a comprehensive understanding of the role of low-barrier, scalable, virtual care—such as the RSP—within the broader spectrum of eating disorder supports available to Canadians.

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