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 Recovery Resources 
for Individuals 

Waiting to start the St. Joseph's Eating Disorder Outpatient Program?

Looking for low-barrier support while you wait for another program?

Check-out Body Brave’s website to learn more about the self-guided, Recovery Support Program on Careteam.

Once registering as a Body Brave member, you will receive rapid access to a wide variety of low-barrier resources, information, and supports, including:

  • Evidence-based self-reflection activities

  • Recovery resources

  • Check-ins

  • Live and recorded recovery sessions and workshops

Not sure if the Recovery Support Program is what your looking for?

Watch one (or a few!) of the included Body Brave Recovery Sessions below and work through the self-guided session worksheet! If you chose to sign-up for Body Brave's Recovery Support Program, you will be able to access over 30+ support sessions.

How Do I Start Recovery? 

Starting can be the hardest part: where do I begin? how do I know if I'm doing this right? what do I do if I relapse? In this recovery session we still talk through what it means to start recovery, and how you can best approach starting recovery for yourself.

Defining Recovery 

For some recovery is a destination they are working towards, for others it's an on-going process. In this session we will explore some of the complexities of what recovery can look and feel like, and give you tools to reflect and define recovery for yourself.

Am I Sick Enough? 

In this session we will explore the question so many of us ask ourselves about what we are experiencing when it comes to disordered eating: if it’s serious enough, if it’s worth telling someone. Our clinician and two lived experience panelists will talk what an unhealthy relationship with food or your body looks like and how we can recognize the difference within ourselves.

Who is On My Support Team? 

Who do I need on my support team and how can I reach out to them? In this recovery session we will hear from panelists about their experiences in ED recovery and who was on their support team and explore what kind of supports we might need around us as we navigate recovery.

Coping with Bad Body Image Days 

Bad body image days (weeks, months, years, etc.) happen to all of us, but for those who are struggling with disordered eating they can be that much harder to deal with. In this session we will talk tricks and tips for coping with bad body image days.


Enjoyed these sessions and want to watch more? 

Check-out Body Brave’s website to learn more about the self-guided, Recovery Support Program on Careteam. No diagnosis or referral is required! 

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