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Irene DeIure-Joiner, Occupational Therapist

Clinical Facilitator

Irene Delure-Joiner has been an OT working in mental health for over 25 years. Throughout her career, she has been able to become certified in a number of mental health therapeutic modalities, including CBT, CBT for psychosis, DBT, etc. Irene has also been able to work in a 1:1 and group setting offer a psycho educational framework as well as psychotherapeutic form of therapy. She has had the privilege of working with populations from new born up to geriatric, in a mental health setting.
Irene has worked primarily with very high risk and vulnerable populations as a clinician as well as in a managerial position. As such, she has acquired assessment and listening skills that are in keeping with the clients that are with Body Brave. Often it is not what a client says that is crucial, but what they do not say. Further, having worked with so many different populations, she is quite adept at changing her style of language quite quickly given who she is speaking with; to ensure that her message is appropriate and received.

Irene DeIure-Joiner, Occupational Therapist
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